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Homeland 01.03 – Clean Skin

Here are the screen captures from the third episode of Homeland. Enjoy the captures.

homeland0103-0058.jpg homeland0103-0163.jpg homeland0103-0241.jpg

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01.03 – CLEAN SKIN (Homeland)

Homeland Episode 3 Sneak Peaks

Showtime has released a couple clips from this Sunday’s episode called “Clean Skin” and they look as intense as ever. In the first, we see Brody being interviewed (you know, out there playing the hero card) while also experiencing those telling (?) and visceral flashbacks. In the second clip, Carrie’s asset Lynne has to go on a surprise meet-up with only Carrie and Virgil for back-up. She’ll be okay, right?

Meet the Characters: Carrie Anderson

Homeland – Scars

Homeland – Welcoming Gift

Homeland Holds Ratings!

Up against sports and broadcast telecasts on Sunday, Showtime’s Homeland held up well in its second week, retaining most of its audience in the debut.

The Claire Danes political drama averaged 938,000 total viewers to Homeland‘s premiere telecast at 10 p.m. for its second episode. For the midnight encore, Homeland drew in an additional 234,000 viewers for a total of 1.17 million compared to the previous week’s 1.33 million.

Showtime says that Homeland is on track to become the network’s highest-rated drama premiere to date in its first week.

Homeland 01.02 – Grace

Here are the screen captures from the second episode of Homeland. It is really picking up and getting better by each episode. Totally intense. Anyways enjoy the captures.

homeland0102-0079.jpg homeland0102-0139.jpg homeland0102-0287.jpg

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01.02 – GRACE (Homeland)

Homeland: Episode 02

Here is the latest information about Episode 02 Grace. 

01.02: Grace – Trailer

01.02: Grace – Episode Clip 1

01.02: Grace – Episode Clip 2

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