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Emmy FYC Event For Showtime Homeland

Emmy FYC Event For Showtime Homeland

On May 25th, Claire attended an For Your Consideration Emmy Event for Showtime’s Homeland. Here are photos:

Homeland renewed for Season 7 & 8. Season 6 to return in 2017

Showtime has renewed Homeland for 2 more season, and Season 6 is set to premiere in 2017

Spoilers about Rupert Friend character Quinn below. Via Variety

“Homeland” will be back to home base for season 6.

The upcoming season of the hit Showtime series, which will be set in New York after spending the last season in Berlin, will tackle the U.S. presidential election.

“The entire season will take place between election day and inauguration day. It’s an interesting time; a transition and transfer of power is happening,” showrunner Alex Gansa said while kicking off the show’s Emmy campaign on Wednesday at a For Your Consideration panel.

“In that 72 days, we’re hopefully going to tell an interesting story,” he continued. “Whether the president is male or female, it’s going to be a very interesting character.”

After tiptoeing around the issue for months, Gansa also confirmed that Rupert Friend’s character, Quinn, will return following last season’s cliffhanger that left his fate up in the air.

“Rupert will be back, but not the same,” he said. “How we’re dramatizing Peter Quinn is still undecided at this moment.”

Friend speculated that tough-as-nails Peter might change into someone with a softer side, a character he said he would be very excited to play.

Claire Danes, Miranda Otto and “Homeland” executive producer/director Lesli Linka Glatter were also at the panel and discussed how real life imitated the show. The Showtime series was filming in Berlin when the Paris and Brussels attacks occurred.

Some adjustments were made to the storyline in order to reflect the November 2015 Paris attacks. Glatter, who directed many of the episodes, said they altered the dialogue in a scene with Saul (played by Mandy Patinkin) at the end of the season and that Allison, Otto’s character, mentions the Paris tragedy.

Gansa also expressed reservations about writing another storyline about a terrorist attack.

“We’re back in the city where 9/11 happened,” he said. “The easy thing to do would be another big terrorist attack in New York, but I think that’s bad karma. We’re going to tell a different story.”

Gansa said the situation in Europe was surreal while they were filming.

“Everyone who worked on the show did some soul-searching. We wondered what message we should put out into the world, something we still struggle with, especially bringing ‘Homeland’ back to the States for next season.”

“As a person making entertainment, do we want to create something that doesn’t exists?” he added, referring to the possibility of writing a storyline about ISIS or Al-Qaeda cells in the U.S.

Danes said she initially worried that playing a character like Carrie Mathison would “feel exploitational.”

Friend, on the other hand, said he didn’t “consider the ramifications of this part.”

“Whether I agree with it socially or politically, that’s not on my radar,” he said. “My job is to play this part. It’s not something I concern myself with.”

Gallery Updates: Homeland Season 5 Screen Captures, Promos & Stills

Gallery Updates: Homeland Season 5 Screen Captures, Promos & Stills

Good evening, everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates. I’ve uploaded to the gallery screen captures from the full Season 5 of Homeland and also Stills and Promos. All thumbs link to their respective albums, and there is also a list at the bottom. Enjoy!

Homeland Season Six to Be Set in New York; Showtime Boss Talks Series’ Future

Variety reports on the new Season of Homeland:

Showtime’s hit spy series has filmed all over the globe — from South Africa to Berlin — but next season will bring the drama back home to the United States.

Newly minted CEO David Nevins told reporters that “Homeland” will film its next season “in and around New York City,” revealing the news during his executive session at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif. on Tuesday.

President of programming Gary Levine heaped praise on showrunner/executive producer Alex Gansa, saying, “We are in awe how Alex Gansa and his writers reinvent ‘Homeland’ every season. It’s exciting to see how they bring it back to the U.S. and reinvent it again.”

Nevins also addressed the fate of Quinn (Rupert Friend), who suffered sarin gas poisoning last season — and was last seen locked in a hospital room with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes). “I know and have seen exactly as much as you guys have seen,” he said. “There is no definitive answer given.”

He resisted any comparisons to shows like “The Walking Dead,” which have toyed with viewers’ expectations about whether a given character is alive or dead. “Homeland is a show that killed a lead,” he said. “It attempts to live in the real world. It’s less about playing games. There won’t be a supernatural solution.”

Levine added that Quinn would be changed by the experience. “If he should live, it will not be in any way shape or form the way he has lived to date,” he said.

The executives also talked about the future of the show, saying they’ve had “vague” discussions with Gansa about a potential end date. “He tends to attack the seasons one by one,” said Nevins.

Added Levine, “It’s not imminent. He sees many seasons to come.”

Claire Danes on how she’s similar to her “Homeland” character

An interview from CBS This Morning Show where Claire talks Homeland new season, Carrie Matthison, Mandy Patinkin and different roles:

Homeland Season 5 Promotional Photos & Stills

Homeland Season 5 Promotional Photos & Stills

Homeland Season 5 premieres this Sunday, October 4th, and here are Promotional Stills and Photos from the Season 5 Episodes 1 and 2. The image from Episode 2 is labeled as Episode 2, but it might be mislabeled, and we will only know once the show airs.

Gallery Links:

New Behind Scenes Video from Homeland Season 5 (Interview)

Here’s a video from Homeland Season 5, where Claire talks Carrie’s new life and new challenges:

Homeland Season 4 Official Trailer + Behind Scenes

The full trailer for Homeland Season 4 has been released, and I’ve also added 2 Behind Scenes videos:

Mega Buzz: Is There Hope for Carrie and Quinn on Homeland?

Mega Buzz: Is There Hope for Carrie and Quinn on Homeland?

There’s a host of changes heading Carrie Mathison’s way on Homeland.
The new season, which picks up two years after the end of Season 4, finds Carrie (Claire Danes) working for a private security firm in Berlin. “Carrie really isn’t an intelligence officer this season,” executive producer Alex Gansa tells “She’s definitely rejected her past. She is trying to find a way to forgive herself for all the stuff that she’s done throughout her career, and she’s begun to question if any of it made any difference at all –whether she made any significant difference in the world. We actually find her doing something almost 180 degrees opposite to what she was doing in the CIA.”

And she’s made a 180 on the personal front as well, as evidenced by her raising her daughter with her new lawyer boyfriend Jonas Happich (Alexander Fehling).”She has also been released from a false worldview of herself,” Gansa says. “Her mother told her at the end of last season, ‘Have a relationship! Your illness isn’t keeping you from that.’ So, we do find her in a very domestic arrangement with a guy, and that gives a whole different flavor to the season.”

So, why wouldn’t Carrie try to pursue a relationship with Quinn (Rupert Friend), who made his feelings known at the end of Season 4? “She hadn’t been released from her false worldview at that point,” Gansa notes. “Relationships are all about timing, and the timing was just 12 hours off.”

But don’t expect Quinn to be pining for Carrie. In fact, it sounds like he won’t be in the mood for any type of romantic entanglement in Season 5. “Quinn will be a different character this year,” Gansa says. “He spent a couple years down in Syria and Iraq leading a special forces team. You can imagine the stuff he’s seen and how that might affect him.”
Homeland returns Sunday, Oct. 4 at 9/8c on Showtime.

Homeland Season 5 Poster & Premiere Date

A brand new poster and premiere date for Homeland have been released: October 5th! Click the poster to get the High Resolution one!

Via EW:

Want to know when Homeland is coming back?

Season 5 will premiere Oct. 4th, Showtime just announced. The espionage thriller will be paired with the second season return of The Affair.

The network also released a poster for the new Berlin-set season (below), but that doesn’t tell you much (and oddly enough, it doesn’t take advantage of the show’s new setting, which made Homeland the first U.S. TV series to shoot an entire season in Germany). There is new marketing tagline, however: “The only way out is back in.”

Season 5 picks up two years after the events last season with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) struggling to reconcile her guilt and disillusionment with years of working on the front lines in the war on terror. Carrie finds herself in a self-imposed exile in Berlin, estranged from the CIA and working as the head of security for a German philanthropist.

In way, producers are following the template laid down by their previous spy thriller, Fox’s 24, which typically started every season with Jack Bauer in exile, then getting called back into service to face some new threat.

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