Homeland renewed for Season 7 & 8. Season 6 to return in 2017

Showtime has renewed Homeland for 2 more season, and Season 6 is set to premiere in 2017

Spoilers about Rupert Friend character Quinn below. Via Variety

“Homeland” will be back to home base for season 6.

The upcoming season of the hit Showtime series, which will be set in New York after spending the last season in Berlin, will tackle the U.S. presidential election.

“The entire season will take place between election day and inauguration day. It’s an interesting time; a transition and transfer of power is happening,” showrunner Alex Gansa said while kicking off the show’s Emmy campaign on Wednesday at a For Your Consideration panel.

“In that 72 days, we’re hopefully going to tell an interesting story,” he continued. “Whether the president is male or female, it’s going to be a very interesting character.”

After tiptoeing around the issue for months, Gansa also confirmed that Rupert Friend’s character, Quinn, will return following last season’s cliffhanger that left his fate up in the air.

“Rupert will be back, but not the same,” he said. “How we’re dramatizing Peter Quinn is still undecided at this moment.”

Friend speculated that tough-as-nails Peter might change into someone with a softer side, a character he said he would be very excited to play.

Claire Danes, Miranda Otto and “Homeland” executive producer/director Lesli Linka Glatter were also at the panel and discussed how real life imitated the show. The Showtime series was filming in Berlin when the Paris and Brussels attacks occurred.

Some adjustments were made to the storyline in order to reflect the November 2015 Paris attacks. Glatter, who directed many of the episodes, said they altered the dialogue in a scene with Saul (played by Mandy Patinkin) at the end of the season and that Allison, Otto’s character, mentions the Paris tragedy.

Gansa also expressed reservations about writing another storyline about a terrorist attack.

“We’re back in the city where 9/11 happened,” he said. “The easy thing to do would be another big terrorist attack in New York, but I think that’s bad karma. We’re going to tell a different story.”

Gansa said the situation in Europe was surreal while they were filming.

“Everyone who worked on the show did some soul-searching. We wondered what message we should put out into the world, something we still struggle with, especially bringing ‘Homeland’ back to the States for next season.”

“As a person making entertainment, do we want to create something that doesn’t exists?” he added, referring to the possibility of writing a storyline about ISIS or Al-Qaeda cells in the U.S.

Danes said she initially worried that playing a character like Carrie Mathison would “feel exploitational.”

Friend, on the other hand, said he didn’t “consider the ramifications of this part.”

“Whether I agree with it socially or politically, that’s not on my radar,” he said. “My job is to play this part. It’s not something I concern myself with.”

Burberry Celebrates New Collection – Photos

Last night, Claire and Hugh attended the opening of Burberry’s new collection at their New York store, here are some photos, thanks Kaci.

Met Gala – Photos

On Monday night, Claire Danes and her husband Hugh Dancy attended the Metropolitam Museum annual MET Gala, here are photos. Claire wore a glow-in-the-dark dress designed by Zach Posen

First look at Claire Danes at the MET Gala

Claire Danes and her husband Hugh Dancy are at tonight’s MET Gala, here’s a first look:


Dry Powder Opening Night Photos

Dry Powder Opening Night Photos

Here are photos of Claire Danes on the Opening Night of her new play “Dry Powder”. Huge thanks to Kaci from Hugh-Dancy.net.

Dry Powder: EW stage review

Dry Powder: EW stage review

Claire’s new play “Dry Powder” premiered yesterday Off Broadway and here’s the EW review:

A- Dry Powder
Genre: play, Drama; Starring: Hank Azaria, Claire Danes, John Krasinski, Sanjit De Silva; Director: Thomas Kail; Author: Sarah Burgess; Opening Date: 03/22/2016

Hot on the heels of the unlikely Hollywood hit The Big Short comes another Wall Street-centric story that would make Bernie Sanders choke on his stump speech: Sarah Burgess’ Dry Powder — premiering at Off Broadway’s Public Theater — is a curiously fascinating behind-the-numbers peek inside a New York private equity firm.

You don’t have to work at a big bank to get sucked into Burgess’ story. In fact, it’s probably more intriguing if you have nothing to do with finance. Has your company ever been purchased by a major-moneybags investment group? Were you told the massive infusion of cash would only help grow the brand, assured that nothing would change, and that you should simply go about your day-to-day business as usual? Did you then start to see cost-cutting measures: older, experienced workers laid off, only to be replaced by younger, cheaper facsimiles; office closures; production outsourcing? Finally, did you watch as your longtime co-workers — and perhaps you yourself — were given their walking papers? Dry Powder shows you the people pulling the strings, and their bottom-line-driven motivation.

KMM Capital Management founder and president Rick (Hank Azaria) is going through a bit of a PR crisis, having thrown himself a wildly extravagant engagement party — there was an elephant — the same day his firm announced a series of massive layoffs at ShopGreat. Enter founding partner Seth (The Office alum John Krasinski, in a remarkably assured theatrical debut) with a “slam-dunk” deal: Landmark Luggage, an American family business, for sale at the bargain-basement price of $491 million — plus a plan to create jobs in the United States and transform the company into, as fellow founding partner Jenny (Homeland star and stage vet Claire Danes, bad-ass and brilliant) snipes, “the online Samsonite.” Jenny’s preference, however, would be to essentially strip down Landmark and sell off its parts. While Seth’s idealism clashes with Jenny’s pragmatism, Burgess brings in Jeff (Sanjit De Silva), the wide-eyed CEO of Landmark, sneakily putting a face to the talk of offshoring, cost efficiencies, and invested capital.

All of this is somehow tidily crammed into a nimble 105 minutes and a small monochromatic indigo-hued stage populated by only multifunction stools and tables. (The super-slick direction is courtesy of Thomas Kail, of Hamilton and Fox’s Grease: Live!) The denouement is, unfortunately, all too predictable — you don’t need a Harvard MBA to deduce where Landmark Luggage is headed — but that’s no fault of Burgess’. It’s simply America in 2016. And it’s depressing as all heck. A-

Gallery Updates: Events

Gallery Updates: Events

Catching up on missing updates, here are events from January and February!

Gallery Updates: Homeland Season 5 Screen Captures, Promos & Stills

Gallery Updates: Homeland Season 5 Screen Captures, Promos & Stills

Good evening, everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates. I’ve uploaded to the gallery screen captures from the full Season 5 of Homeland and also Stills and Promos. All thumbs link to their respective albums, and there is also a list at the bottom. Enjoy!

Homeland Season Six to Be Set in New York; Showtime Boss Talks Series’ Future

Variety reports on the new Season of Homeland:

Showtime’s hit spy series has filmed all over the globe — from South Africa to Berlin — but next season will bring the drama back home to the United States.

Newly minted CEO David Nevins told reporters that “Homeland” will film its next season “in and around New York City,” revealing the news during his executive session at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif. on Tuesday.

President of programming Gary Levine heaped praise on showrunner/executive producer Alex Gansa, saying, “We are in awe how Alex Gansa and his writers reinvent ‘Homeland’ every season. It’s exciting to see how they bring it back to the U.S. and reinvent it again.”

Nevins also addressed the fate of Quinn (Rupert Friend), who suffered sarin gas poisoning last season — and was last seen locked in a hospital room with Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes). “I know and have seen exactly as much as you guys have seen,” he said. “There is no definitive answer given.”

He resisted any comparisons to shows like “The Walking Dead,” which have toyed with viewers’ expectations about whether a given character is alive or dead. “Homeland is a show that killed a lead,” he said. “It attempts to live in the real world. It’s less about playing games. There won’t be a supernatural solution.”

Levine added that Quinn would be changed by the experience. “If he should live, it will not be in any way shape or form the way he has lived to date,” he said.

The executives also talked about the future of the show, saying they’ve had “vague” discussions with Gansa about a potential end date. “He tends to attack the seasons one by one,” said Nevins.

Added Levine, “It’s not imminent. He sees many seasons to come.”

Claire Danes covers Allure Magazine December

Claire Danes covers Allure Magazine December

Claire Danes is the cover feature of the December Issue of Allure Magazine, here are Digital Scans and the HQ Textless Photoshoot (via Photocouture-Show.com)

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